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    Message par Mr.Boorito le Dim Oct 25, 2009 3:15 am


    This Scripts in this thread will work on Jaymod, NQ, Etpub , ETpro. etc...

    IS this not Cheating ?? No all you are doing is binding one key to
    preform the task that is normally assigned to 2 or more keys and games
    settings that could be changed by the console ..

    JUST CUT ADD PAST CODE: into your cfg (don't have a cfg see next post in this thread)

    PS pick a key most examples bound to the key i use.


    Advanced Kill
    Artillery Strike
    Stay Crouched
    hide weapon only when shooting
    ->Crouch + FOV + mouse sensitivity x3
    Change your Field of view X2
    Hiding only Your Guns all the time
    Chat sounds
    Multiple binds
    Change cross hair color
    Change your nickname with spaces and Capitals

    Advanced Kill


    bind k "kill; forcetapout"

    Artillery Strike
    This script lets you call an artillery strike without having to go into binocular mode.
    You simply look at the piece of ground (without binoculars) where you want to call the strike and press a key.


    bind z "+zoom;+attack;-attack;-zoom"

    Stay Crouched
    Press a key to crouch, Then press same key again when you want to stand.


    set crouch "+movedown; set nextcrouchtoggle vstr stand"
    set stand "-movedown; set nextcrouchtoggle vstr crouch"
    set nextcrouchtoggle "vstr crouch"
    bind q "vstr nextcrouchtoggle"

    hide gun only when shooting
    A very simple Script to hide your weapon only while it's being fired..
    Still see ammo/health.
    see guns reloading and weapons changing--


    set gunno "+attack; cg_drawgun 0"
    set gunyes "-attack; cg_drawgun 1"
    bind mouse1 "+vstr gunno gunyes"

    1.Crouch + Mouse sensitivity Change
    When crouched Mouse sensitivity lowered
    When Standing back to normal
    (sensitivity number's can be changed from 0 to 30.)
    (The key if pressed will also work to change your Mouse Sensitivity when in prone position)


    set sensd "+movedown; sensitivity 4.5"
    set sensu "-movedown; sensitivity 7.5"
    set do "vstr sensd"
    set up "vstr sensu"
    bind c "+vstr do up"

    2. or Crouch + field of view change
    When crouched field of view set at 90
    When standing field of view set at 105
    (FOV numbers can be between 90 -120)


    set crouch90 "+movedown; cg_fov 90 "
    set crouch105 "-movedown; cg_fov 105"
    set crdo "vstr crouch90"
    set crup "vstr crouch105"
    bind c "+vstr crdo crup"

    3.Or combined the last 2 Crouch + FOV + Sensitivity Mouse
    When crouched field of view set at 90 and mouse sensitivity lowered.
    When Standin field of view set at 105 and mouse sensitivity Raised to normal.


    set crouchd "+movedown; cg_fov 90 ; sensitivity 2.5"
    set crouchu "-movedown; cg_fov 105 ; sensitivity 5.5"
    set cdo "vstr crouchd"
    set cup "vstr crouchu"
    bind c "+vstr cdo cup"

    CHANGE field of view/FOV
    This script will allow to change your field of view form 90 to 100 to 105 to 110 and back to 90 -


    set fov "cg_fov 90 ; set fovtoggle vstr 100; echo ^s Field of view set at ^u90!!"
    set 100 "cg_fov 100 ; set fovtoggle vstr 105; echo ^s Field of view set ^u100!!"
    set 105 "cg_fov 105 ; set fovtoggle vstr 110 ; echo ^s Field of view set ^u105!!"
    set 110 "cg_fov 110 ; set fovtoggle vstr fov ; echo ^s Field of view set ^u110!!"
    set fovtoggle "vstr fov"
    bind f5 "vstr fovtoggle"

    2. Quick change of FOV
    Change from just one fov to another and back when you press then release a key.


    set fov1 "cg_fov 90"
    set fov2 "cg_fov 110"
    set fdo "vstr fov1"
    set fup "vstr fov2"
    bind w "+vstr fdo fup"

    Hiding only Your Pistol and Submachine gun all the time
    (cg_drawgun set to 0 only for this two weapons will still see others /i.e needles etc. )


    bind 0 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 10"
    bind 1 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 1"
    bind 2 "cg_drawgun 0; weaponbank 2"
    bind 3 "cg_drawgun 0; weaponbank 3"

    bind 4 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 4"
    bind 5 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 5"
    bind 6 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 6"
    bind 7 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 7"
    bind 8 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 8"
    bind 9 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 9"

    Mute chat sounds
    The vsay sounds will be muted but still be seen LIKEscripts Frown I need ammo --Medic-- cheer etc....)
    Will still hear Ammo firing, foot steps General Warnings/Info like: !dyno plants, killing sprees and PM notification's


    seta soundon "cg_novoicechats 0; echo ^2!! CHAT SOUND ON !!!; set soundtoggle vstr soundoff"
    seta soundoff "cg_novoicechats 1; echo ^1!! CHAT SOUND OFF / SILENCE !!!; set soundtoggle vstr soundon"
    seta soundtoggle "vstr soundon"
    bind f8 "vstr soundtoggle"

    multiple binds
    One bottom will cycle through multiple binds
    By pressing one bottom over and over, it will rotate through your binds one by one.
    you must change YOUR MESSAGE for what you would like to say


    set message1 "say YOUR MESSAGE ;set messagecycle vstr message2"
    set message2 "say YOUR MESSAGE ;set messagecycle vstr message3"
    set message3 "say YOUR MESSAGE ;set messagecycle vstr message4"
    set message4 "say YOUR MESSAGE ;set messagecycle vstr message5"
    set message5 "say YOUR MESSAGE ;set messagecycle vstr message1"
    set messagecycle "vstr message1"
    bind f10 "vstr messagecycle"

    demo ON/OFF


    set demoon "autorecord; echo ^6Recording Demo ^7 is now ^2ON; set demor vstr demooff"
    set demooff "stoprecord; echo ^6Recording Demo ^7 is now ^1OFF; set demor vstr demoon"
    set demor "vstr demoon"
    bind f12 "vstr demor"

    Change cross hair color in game
    ( there is an echo telling you which color.)
    By simply pressing the (F6) key you can switch between the colors for your cross hair.


    set crosshr "vstr crosshaircolor0"
    set crosshaircolor0 "cg_crosshairColorAlt black;echo ^pBLACK!!!!; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor1"
    set crosshaircolor1 "cg_crosshairColorAlt red;echo ^qRED!!!!; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor2"
    set crosshaircolor2 "cg_crosshairColorAlt green;echo ^rGREEN!!!!; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor3"
    set crosshaircolor3 "cg_crosshairColorAlt yellow;echo ^SYELLOW!!!!; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor4"
    set crosshaircolor4 "cg_crosshairColorAlt blue;echo ^tBLUE!!!!; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor5"
    set crosshaircolor5 "cg_crosshairColorAlt cyan;echo ^5CYAN!!!!; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor6"
    set crosshaircolor6 "cg_crosshairColorAlt magenta;echo ^vMAGENTA!!!; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor7"
    set crosshaircolor7 "cg_crosshairColorAlt white;echo ^7WHITE!!!!; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor8"
    set crosshaircolor8 "cg_crosshairColorAlt orange;echo ^xORANGE!!!!; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor0"
    bind f6 "vstr crosshr"

    Change your name with Capitals and spaces with 2 buttons/keys!!!
    Ok first button to pick the name(f6) then other to set it (f7)..
    you must change yourname123 for your nicknames
    Must add your name 2 time as you can see...

    This is designed for players on PBs streaming server so you dont get kick for to many name changes ..


    set chooseNick1 "echo "^l>^zNick: ^7[YOUR NAME1]"; set chooseNick "vstr chooseNick2"; set setNick "set name "YOUR NAME1"""
    set chooseNick2 "echo "^l>^zNick: ^7[YOUR NAME2]"; set chooseNick "vstr chooseNick3"; set setNick "set name "YOUR NAME2"""
    set chooseNick3 "echo "^l>^zNick: ^7[YOUR NAME3]"; set chooseNick "vstr chooseNick1"; set setNick "set name "YOUR NAME3"""
    set chooseNick "vstr chooseNick1"
    set setNick "echo "^l>^zNick: ^7Choose a nick first!""
    bind F6 "vstr chooseNick" // Pick a nick
    bind F7 "vstr setNick" // Set the name

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