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    binds cvar color...


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    binds cvar color... Empty binds cvar color...

    Message par Mr.Boorito le Dim Oct 25, 2009 3:12 am

    again thx to moxy

    This Thread:
    Adding -Vsay's
    Tweaking 101:
    scripts :
    making a.cfg
    using the Console

    Adding Color
    Shift + 6 = ^
    The ^ symbol allows you to choose a color -> That is followed by a number or letter.
    The number 1 selects the color red = so you would type ^1 etc.

    binds cvar color... Colors

    Adding color when typing in chat:


    ^1hello! ^4how ^8is ^5everyone?

    will appear as:
    hello! how is everyone?

    In Game Press ~ to get the Console to appear:
    ~ is the button to the left of 1, below Esc

    The console Will appear like this:

    binds cvar color... Timedemo_4

    When using the console, everything should be perpended with FORWARD slash \ or
    the / BACKSLASH .
    Otherwise it will send what you type in global chat

    Adding color in console:
    After you select your color by putting in the relevant number/letter
    the ^ symbol disappears, as does the number/letter you have chosen for
    a color as you type.

    Adding color to your name

    from: Moxy_The_Man :Using colors red, green, and blue to Moxy_The_Man

    Press ~ to get the console and would type:


    \name ^1Moxy^2_The^4_Man

    Private message

    to list the players with there corresponding number - Helpful if yore A Bab SpElLeR liek me
    Press ~ to get the console:



    private message
    \m playersname
    or \m playersnumber


    \m Moxy your the best!



    \m 12 your the best!

    How to bind keys


    Most scripts work by pressing a certain key to execute them. So, you need to know how to bind a script to a key.
    To do this, you type out a line like this in the console:


    \bind K kill

    This line will make it so you can press K to commit suicide.

    /bind <-- the command to a BIND a key
    k <--- the random key you pick
    kill < --The Kill

    To unbind a key simply type \unbind this will unbind the key and erase the command


    \unbind k


    Binding Simple scripts
    SAY = say and say_team

    (As you can guess, say_team puts the message in team
    chat, and say is for public chat, there is also say_buddy for fireteam

    say = no sound

    say - is for normal binds and will work on all servers

    \bind say



    /bind k say i am sorry!!

    /bind <-- the command to a BIND a key
    k <---- the random key you pick (can pick any)
    say <-- the command that allows you to type a message
    i am sorry! <------- your random message

    /bind k say what you wish to say
    /bind k say i am sorry!
    no sound
    will appear as =
    i am sorry!

    say_team = to talk to only team mates

    /bind j say_team Medic help me you shit!
    no sound
    will appear as =
    medic help me you shit!

    VOICE SAY = vsay + vsay_team

    vsay = with sound

    vsay - is for normal binds and will work on all servers
    from the list of General Voice chats
    The full list English and German : outside link

    \bind Vsay



    /bind k vsay Hi Good day everyone!!

    /bind <-- the command to a BIND a key
    k <---- the random key you pick (can pick any)
    vsay <--- the command to link to The General Voice chat
    Hi <--- the vsay from the List of General Voice chats
    Good day everyone!! <------- your random message

    /bind k vsay Hi type what you would like to say
    /bind k vsay Hi Good day everyone!!
    will hear = Hello
    will appear as =
    Good day everyone!!


    General Voice chats
    54 - Hi! - Hi
    13 - All clear. - AllClear
    22 - I need ammo! - NeedAmmo
    56 - Great shot! - GreatShot
    581 - Thanks a lot! - Thanks
    582 - You're welcome. - Welcome
    586 - Good game! - GoodGame
    21 - Medic! - Medic
    The full General Voice chats list English and German : outside link

    team only
    /bind j vsay_team Medic help me you shit!
    will hear = Medic
    will appear as =
    help me you shit!


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